Eddy Current Inspection

Eddy Current Inspection is an electromagnetic technique used for conductive materials to detect surface and near surface defects. This inspection method is sensitive to small cracks and other flaws. It is used to inspect parts of complex shape and size, gives immediate results and is widely used within the commercial, military, petrochemical, aircraft and aerospace industries.


  • Flaw Detection
    • Stringers, Fatigue Induced Cracks, Inclusions, and Corrosion
      Nuts and Bolts: Threads, Shank, Head, Rolled, Machined
      Ball screws: inside Bore and outer Bearing Surface
      Machined parts: Bolt Holes, Slots, and Corners
  • Conductivity Measurements - Alloy Sorting, Hardness Correlation, Corrosion Control
  • Coating Thickness Measurements - Primers, Paint, Plating, Anodizing, Plasma Spray
  • Material Thickness Measurements - Thin Tubing, Sheet Stock
  • Rapid Sorting of Small Components - Flaws, Size Variations, Material Variation
  • Technique/Procedure Development

Inspection Personnel qualified and certified to NAS410, BSS7698 and SNT-TC-1A
Approved by U.S. Military and Prime Aircraft/Aerospace Contractors