Ultrasonic Inspection, Eddy Current Testing and Nondestructive (NDT) Inspection Services have been Quality Material Inspection, Inc,'s (QMI) primary focus since 1981. Our area of expertise includes Ultrasonic Inspection and Eddy Current Testing of advanced materials. In addition to our NDT inspection capabilities, QMI provides research, development, prototyping and custom fabrication of nondestructive test instrumentation and scanning systems.

It was Willem Grandia who laid the foundation for the success of QMI which is recognized by leading aerospace companies for its innovative approach to the testing of advanced materials. Access to the latest NDT technologies makes QMI uniquely qualified to address and solve difficult inspection problems.

In 1995, we developed the unique air-coupled ultrasonic inspection technique AIRSCAN®, which eliminates contamination of sensitive materials during testing. Our custom automated scan systems incorporate the latest state-of-the-art data acquisition and imaging instrumentation, as well as ultrasonic pulsers and receivers, whose performance surpasses currently available systems.

We offer a wide range of Nondestructive inspection services and products:

QMI brings in-depth experience to a diversity of clients in the aerospace, aircraft, nuclear, petrochemical, construction, pipeline, offshore structure and ship building industries.